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Feel free to add to and edit the advice below. Sophie Gautier started it, and it evolved into a discussion on


  • The first thing is to find volunteers in the community :)
  • try to have 3 persons always available on the booth,
  • organize the presence so that every body has time for lunch and to take a pause (events are always very tiring :)
  • most of the time there is railway or flight charge reductions for main events, you may ask the organization for the code or agency where the ticket are delivered
  • sometime this is the organization that take members travel in charge, so don't forget to ask how to have your members travel reimbursed
  • try also to organize accommodations, it's always fun to be together after and before the opening, have some time to discuss and know each other better.

booth organization

(READ this: it can save a lot of money!)

  • I ask in general for 10 m², one table and 3 chairs to be sure to have at least 8 m², one table and 2 chairs ;)
  • If the booth is for fee, try to be invited by one of major attendees using OOo (we do that for Education events, we are on the FLOSS dpt of National Education booth).
  • ask about wifi access or Internet access (wep key and ip numbers) and cables needed to be connected. You may have to buy these if you arrive unprepared, and it will cost you!
  • don't forget small material like scissors, plug... always needed
  • get an insurance if the organization don't have one for attendees and booth
  • get 2 or 3 theft protection devices for laptop for your members (very important believe me !)
  • communicate the list of your members so that they get their pass before the event
  • do not use the official delivery address unless you have no choice: they will charge you corporate rates for accepting even the smallest parcel.

about goodies

  • . if you have no money : distribute candies, it's always appreciated :)
  • . if you have a little more money : stickers are not very expensive and also appreciated
  • . if you have more money : t-shirts and cds can get you more money at the end of the day ;)
  • . if possible co-ordinate with the CDROM project for cds


  • The banner we have was sponsored by the fr community after a call on our lists. Don't hesitate to do so, people prefer to contribute to something they can touch than to give money for a project they don't really know about. And don't forget to send some photos ;)
  • for art, including banner, use The Marketing Project has brochures, but these need to be updated. Printing brochures in colour is also expensive, btw.


  • sometime you can ask for a communication page (or place) in the event official guide for free
  • you may also put some flyers in the press room *before* the opening of the event, journalists are used to take them in their boxes at the opening and go away.
  • I don't know if that exist else where, but in France, there is an on line agenda listing all FLOSS events throughout the country (see for example leading here to a future OOo conf description, so you may also subscribe your event here if it's a regional OOoCon for example.

Well that's all for now :) Don't hesistate to add what could be useful for us, or remove what sounds not, this could begin to be our template to organize our booth participation.

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