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Views in Writer

What users call a "View" in Writer is what the developers call a "Layout" - the orientation and positioning of the textual and non-textual content on an output device.

Writer currently has the "Print Layout", the "Online Layout" and the "Print Preview Layout". The latter isn't editable and so is left out of the following considerations. The "Print Layout" is a layout that implements "WYSIWYG" and tries to come close to what the user gets when the document is printed. But this layout is not optimized for all uses cases wherer other layouts can be better.

Motivation for "Online" Layout:

- for documents that are not written for printing but for presentation

- not good for editing (long lines), final preview

Some new layouts are requested with the following motivations:

"Outline" Layout:

- “brainstorming” the structure of a document to create initial hierarchy

- easy tool for developing and changing document structure

- prioritize, arrange and rearrange ideas hierarchical; add details later

- focus on content, no layout should distract from content

- chose level of details visible in any part of the document

"Draft" Layout (comparable to Word's "Normal View"):

- avoid eating up space by margins and page breaks; “text editor” editing style

- focus on content, no layout should distract from content

- sophisticated formatting is not seen as part of document (content) creation

- page and column layout are artificial and have no content related meaning

- columns are good for reading on paper, but a pain for reading on screen

- headers and footers don't need to be visble while editing and proof reading

- easy and fast text scrolling for better proof reading

- no horizontal scrolling necessary even with big fonts on small screens or windows

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