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Motivations for "Outline" View:

- “brainstorming” the structure of a document to create initial hierarchy

- easy tool for developing and changing document structure

- prioritize, arrange and rearrange ideas hierarchical; add details later

- focus on content, no layout should distract from content

- chose level of details visible in any part of the document

Motivation for "Draft" View:

- avoid eating up space by margins and page breaks; “text editor” editing style

- focus on content, no layout should distract from content

- sophisticated formatting is not seen as part of document (content) creation

- page and column layout are artificial and have no content related meaning

- columns are good for reading on paper, but a pain for reading on screen

- headers and footers don't need to be visble while editing and proof reading

- easy and fast text scrolling for better proof reading

- no horizontal scrolling necessary even with big fonts on small screens or windows

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