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Here is a list of things that we would like to implement but until now didn't find the time to do so. In our opinion all of these tasks can be done by experienced C++ developers that are willing to enter the interesting world of OOo Writer. They can reckon on the support or the help of the regular Writer developers. If you are interested in working on one of these tasks please get in touch with us on our "dev" mailing list or via private mail to the Writer project lead. We can talk about existing specifications, ideas, stuff to read or hack etc.

Features with a high number of votes

Alignment of baselines of formula and text in writer - Issue 972

The implementation of this features comprises some work in Math and Writer. Math is a comparable small module so starting here as a new developer is doable even in a short time frame. In Writer the algorithm for object positioning must me changed, something that is considered to be one of the harder jobs. Some additional work in UI and file format.

Notes hard to see and edit - Issue 6193

There are several things that can be done for notes: making them easier to edit, easier to open, making them look nicer, etc. Many of these things can be done without being an expert for all the more complicated things in Writer.

Center view of Writer document - Issue 1761

This is also a major complaint of Writer users with large monitors.

Reveal formatting codes - Issue 3395

Especially former WordPerfect users very often ask for a special view or tools window where the formatting at a particular cursor position can be made visible by showing some "tokens" representing the applied formats.

Lotus WordPro filter - Issue 11215

If you know something about the format of Lotus WordPro - here's the perfect task for you! Anything can be useful as a start, even a simple filter that just excerpts the pure text. A first patch is available but it doesn't work good enough until now.

Exporting to HTML should turn Formulae into MathML (not GIFs) Issue 24256

Math already supports MathML export. The HTML export filter needs to be extended to use it instead of treating Math as an OLE object that is exported as a pixel graphic.

Support more colors in formulas Issue 5156

Math only has some "hard coded" color values. It would be nice to have a full color palette as other applications in OOo. This requires to make the formula parser available of these colors.

Issue Tracker Queries

Here are some issue lists of things we would like to get implemented:

Writer RFEs of the community


Math RFEs of the community


Some other ideas

More text import and export filters

Perhaps you have experience with other file formats? Here's something for you!

Shrinking text below a certain size

A component to shrink a document size by a defined page count, so the user can produce documents without a final halffull page. The component may then use different steps (for example: shrink all font sizes, or shrink the paragraph distance, or shrink ...) to come to a sensible result.

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