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The Paste and Match Style command and associated keyboard shortcut (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-Shift-V on Mac) makes it possible to use the styling of OpenOffice.org documents more efficiently and in powerfully consistent way.

The greatest advantage is that no matter where the copied content originated from (web page, another office program, ...) the styling of the document being worked on is maintained by using the styling of the target document also in the pasted content.

i-Team Members (The specification owner is part of the i-Team)

Name E-mail Address
User Experience Mox Soini mox@openoffice.org
Development Mox Soini mox@openoffice.org
Quality Assurance <Name + Initials>
Documentation <Name + Initials>

Document Change History

Rev. Level Change Initials Date
1.0 initial version mox 2009-03-17
1.1 updated dimming/functionality definition mox 2009-03-31
1.2 OBSOLETE mox 2009-04-02


While it is technically possible to achieve a similar functionality via "Paste Special -> Unformatted text", it is highly cumbersome and hard to discover. "Unformatted text" does not truly express what a powerful tool it can be.

User Scenarios

User copies text from a web page and pastes it to the document he works on. Styling Just Works. No additional work needed.


Make powerful pasting functionality understandable to users. Make it efficient to use pasting so that target document style consistent through-out the document.

Requirements and Dependencies


Menu item "Paste and Match Style" under "Paste" menu item in "Edit" menu Shortcut key: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-Shift-V on Mac

Technical Dependencies

Not known.

Competitive Analyses

Apple's iWork has this functionality and it's extremely useful and efficient for those interested in high quality documents.

Detailed Specification

See also requirements.

Menu item "Paste and Match Style" in "Edit" menu

  • Below "Paste" menu item
  • Above "Paste Special" menu item (if it exists)

Shortcut key: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-V on Windows/Linux, Cmd-Option-Shift-V on Mac

Initial implementation relies fully on the functionality provided by the existing "unformatted text" functionality (i.e. SOT_FORMAT_STRING paste type). However, in the future this functionality could be improved beyond the simple unformatting of the source content.

String list

Item English German French Spanish Comments
Menu item Paste and Match Style Einsetzen und Stil anpassen Coller et appliquer le style Pegar con el mismo estilo

Error Conditions

Menu item is dimmed if this kind of pasting is not possible. Same rules as with the OOo 3.1 command: Edit -> Paste Special -> Unformatted text.


Not needed.

Future Tasks

In the future this functionality could be improved beyond the simple unformatting of the source content.


None at this time.


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