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=Moving the view cursor=
=Moving the view cursor=
<source lang="oobas">
bExtend = false
bExtend = false
oVC.goLeft(5, bExtend)  'go left 5 characters
oVC.goLeft(5, bExtend)  'go left 5 characters
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=Using view cursor to find location on page=
=Using view cursor to find location on page=

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View Cursor in a Text document

Accessing the view cursor

A view cursor in text document is referenced as follows:

[oobas] oVC = thisComponent.getCurrentController.getViewCursor It is the only way to move within the page layout. For example to find the start of a line, the top of a page.

Moving the view cursor

bExtend = false
oVC.goLeft(5, bExtend)   'go left 5 characters
oVC.goRight(10, bExtend) 'go right 10 characters
oVC.gotoStart(bExtend)   'go to the start of the text range
oVC.gotoEnd(bExtend)     'go to the end of the text range
oVC.gotoRange(oCursor, false) 'view cursor can go anywhere
oVC.goDown(2, bExtend)
oVC.goLeft(3, bExtend)
oVC.goUp(1, bExtend) 
oVC.jumpToPage(2, false)

Using view cursor to find location on page

The following routine returns the current insertion points location on a page in terms of lines and characters. The number of characters is meaningless if the insertion point is in a table.

[oobas] function fnPosn(oDoc) set mCurSelection = oDoc.currentSelection ' Record current selection 'Locking controller prevents flicker. But under ALL circumstances must be unlocked on local error goto finished: oDoc.lockControllers oVC = oDoc.getCurrentController.getViewCursor oVC.collapseToEnd 'Move view Cursor oVC.gotoStartofLine(true) nX = len(oVC.string) 'How many characters from the start of the line nY = 0 'How many lines from top of page nPage = oVC.getPage while oVC.goUp(1,false) and oVC.getPage = nPage

  nY = nY + 1

wend thisComponent.currentController.select(mCurSelection) 'Restore current selection finished: on error goto 0 oDoc.unlockControllers fnPosn = "(" & nx & ", " & nY & ")" end function To call this code:

[oobas] msgbox fnPosn(thisComponent)

Updating the status bar with the insertion points current location

This code could be called whenever a key is pressed or the mouse clicked so that the status bar is updated with the current insertion point location. As follows:

[oobas] global Iannz_TSB_Controller, Iannz_TSB_MouseClickHandler, Iannz_TSB_KeyHandler

sub subSetupCustomStatusBar Iannz_TSB_Controller = thisComponent.currentController Iannz_TSB_MouseClickHandler = CreateUnoListener("MouseClickHandler_","com.sun.star.awt.XMouseClickHandler") Iannz_TSB_Controller.addMouseClickHandler(Iannz_TSB_MouseClickHandler) Iannz_TSB_KeyHandler = CreateUnoListener("KeyHandler_","com.sun.star.awt.XKeyHandler") Iannz_TSB_Controller.addKeyHandler(Iannz_TSB_KeyHandler) end sub

sub subRemoveCustomStatusBar if not isNull(Iannz_TSB_Controller) and not isEmpty(Iannz_TSB_Controller) then

       oStatus = Iannz_TSB_Controller.Frame.createStatusIndicator

end if end sub

Sub MouseClickHandler_MousePressed(Event As Object) Iannz_TSB_Controller.addMouseClickHandler(Iannz_TSB_MouseClickHandler) end sub

sub MouseClickHandler_mouseReleased subChangeStatusBar Iannz_TSB_Controller.addMouseClickHandler(Iannz_TSB_MouseClickHandler) end sub

sub MouseClickHandler_disposing end sub

function KeyHandler_KeyPressed KeyHandler_KeyPressed = false end function

function KeyHandler_KeyReleased subChangeStatusBar KeyHandler_KeyReleased = false end function

sub KeyHandler_disposing end sub

sub subChangeStatusBar oDoc = thisComponent oVC = Iannz_TSB_Controller.viewCursor oStatus = Iannz_TSB_Controller.Frame.createStatusIndicator oStatus.end if oVC.isCollapsed and isEmpty(oVC.getPropertyValue("Cell")) then


end if end sub

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