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A text cursor can only move within the text range of the text object in which it was created. Thus a text cursor that is created for the main document's text range can not move inside a table.

Creating a text cursor

A common thing to do is to create a text cursor which has the same location as the view cursor, as follows:

[oobas] oVC = thisComponent.getCurrentController.getViewCursor oCursor = oVC.getText.createTextCursorByRange(oVC) If you want a cursor for the text in the main document:

[oobas] oCursor = thisComponent.getText.createTextCursor 'or oText = thisComponent.getText oCursor = oText.createTextCursorByRange(oText.getStart)

Start and End of a text cursor

A cursor has the methods getStart, and getEnd. Which is the start "end" and which is the end "end" is determined by the direction in which the selection was made.

However, the methods collapseToStart and collpaseToEnd are relative to the start and end of the document.

Moving a cursor

A cursor has a number of gotoXXX where XXX is some relative location. In each case there is always a boolean parameter for "extending the selection". When this parameter is set to true the selection is extended from the current selection to the new location.

There is no method for adding to the selection. While the view cursor can have more than one selection, text cursors only have one selection.

The gotoXXX methods return true if they were able to execute the movement, false otherwise.

[oobas] bExtend = false oCursor.goLeft(5, bExtend) 'go left 5 characters oCursor.goRight(10, bExtend) 'go right 10 characters oCursor.gotoStart(bExtend) 'go to the start of the text range oCursor.gotoEnd(bExtend) 'go to the end of the text range oCursor.gotoRange(oVC, false)'go to the same range as the view cursor (error if oVC not in same text range

oCursor.gotoNextWord(bExtend) oCursor.gotoPreviousWord(bExtend) oCursor.gotoEndOfWord(bExtend) oCursor.gotoStartOfWord(bExtend)

oCursor.gotoNextSentence(bExtend) oCursor.gotoPreviousSentence(bExtend) oCursor.gotoStartOfSentence(bExtend) oCursor.gotoEndOfSentence(bExtend)

oCursor.gotoStartOfParagraph(bExtend) oCursor.gotoEndOfParagraph(bExtend) oCursor.gotoNextParagraph(bExtend) oCursor.gotoPreviousParagraph(bExtend)

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