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MediaWiki version and configuration

As of 25 December 2012, the Wiki is running on:

  • MediaWiki 1.20.2
  • MySQL 5.0.33
  • pHp 5.2.0

You can access the MediaWiki API via:

Wiki regular Maintenance (sysop)

Our Wiki is like a flower, it grows wild all by itself, but by nursing it carefully it shows its full potential.

Call to all sysop: please visit the following pages once a month and remove the content:

Unused Categories

Unused Files

Done jani 25/12/2012

Unused Templates

Call to all sysop: Please visit the following pages once a month and check if the content should be created, otherwise modify the pages:

Wanted Categories

Wanted Files

Wanted Pages

Wanted Templates

Wiki regular Maintenance (root)


Wiki Extension Requests

There are currently no extension requests

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