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MediaWiki version and configuration

As of 01 July 2009, the Wiki is running on:

  • MediaWiki 1.13.3
  • MySQL 5.0.33
  • pHp 5.2.0

You can access the MediaWiki API via:

Wiki Upgrade and Maintenance


There are a few options for running WikiBots on the Wiki.

  • JavaFramework WikiBot
  • PyWikipedia Bot
    • PyWikpediaBot is used to do most of the Wiki maintenance including moving, deleting, bulk editing and cleaning up double redirects.

Wiki Sysops

Wiki users with Sysop privileges

Wiki Extension Requests

  • Add Flagged Version control: Flagged_Revisions
    • Cannot be implented until either php is recompiled on Solaris 10U6 or we move to another OS on the host machine.
  • Add HTTPS login: Extension:HttpsLogin
    • Cannot be implemented on the current server config. Will look at again after updating the server OS in March 2009
  • Add OpenID support: Extension:OpenID
  • Add page rating support: Extension:JSKitRating
    • Installed for testing on 16 December 2008. Requested by UX team.
    • REMOVED: This extension causes errors in MediaWiki 1.13.3
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