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In the Media

27 Feb. <a href="">OOo & Foss for small businesses </a>
26 Feb. <a href="">Extensions the easy way</a>
26 Feb. <a href=",1000000121,39348282,00.htm">Google: OOXML "insufficient & unnecessary" </a>
26 Feb. <a href="">OOXML incompatible with GPL </a>
25 Feb. <a href="">Switching to OOo </a>
25 Feb. <a href="">Why the OOXML vote matters </a>
21 Feb. <a href="">MSFT's patent threats </a>
21 Feb. <a href="">MSFT's proclamation analysed</a>
21 Feb. <a href="">Bray: Recalling team XML </a>
21 Feb. <a href="">On OOXML ... </a>
20 Feb. <a href="">Document Freedom Day 03/26/08 </a>
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