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All websites using the openoffice.org domain are listed here:

Name URL Template Contact
Main Site http://www.openoffice.org Main Site (CollabNet template system) Website Project
Wiki http://wiki.services.openoffice.org Custom MediaWiki skin based on MonoBook --
User (forums) http://user.services.openoffice.org Main site (for homepage), Custom phpBB skin (for forums) --
Extensions http://extensions.services.openoffice.org Custom Drupal skin Extensions Project
Templates http://templates.services.openoffice.org Custom Drupal skin --
Planet http://planet.services.openoffice.org PlanetPlanet skin --
Conference http://conference.services.openoffice.org Custom --
Surveys http://surveys.services.openoffice.org Custom --
hg (Mercurial) http://hg.services.openoffice.org Custom (no OOo branding) --
svn http://svn.services.openoffice.org Custom: homepage based on early 2008 design, plain HTML for browsing --
Download http://download.services.openoffice.org Main site (with custom logo file) --
QUASTE http://quaste.services.openoffice.org Custom (based on early 2008 design) --
eis http://eis.services.openoffice.org Main site --
tools http://tools.services.openoffice.org Main site --
odfnotify http://odfnotify.services.openoffice.org N/A (403 Forbidden error) --
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