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Issues with the latest redesign

If your project's pages are not looking good, you may find that these fixes help you.

Redesign issue tracker

The most up to date design of the new home page can be seen at

Pages to create

(if you want to take on a certain issue, just write your name behind it, or say so on the dev@website mailinglist, discussion should also take place at this list)

  • At the moment only a main page has been created, content still needs to be developed for the other pages, in answer to all 5 action statements. Additionally, some new tabs have been introduced that also need a new landing page. See Content.
  • We need a feed parser for the new 'News' page (there will no longer be news featuring on the main page, e.g. like

Issues with the new design (CSS/HTML)

Please add any HTML/CSS issues you discover with the new design to this list.

  • Fixed: New Wiki layout misses the background-color: #fff; standard directive in the body. Try to set a grey color as your browser default background...
    • Quite fixed. The footer with the MySQL/Sun logo is white, but above the first orange line, there is 7px of transparent background, and following the 2nd also. test.OO.o has also transparent background.

Main page

  • Make the marketing block more flexible (so it can feature longer text as well)
    • The frame flipped so the gull is on the right looks odd to me. I will try some different gull images. -Randy

Issues related to the old website

Unresolved issues for the main website

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