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draft version

Last official version is SRC680m50 for testing OOo 2.0 - 2.2 Next version will be around SRC680m205 for testing OOo 2.3 - ... (Which might also be used for testing 2.0 - 2.2)


No issue in TestTool, but in OOo with annoying automated testing: from SRC680m196 issue 73372 Exception not caught: URP_Bridge: disposed Visible in OOo 2.2 Effect: TestTool and OOo crash - somtimes with messagebox about URP_Bridge. Workaround: Restart test. Fixed until OOo 2.3


Issue 69840 parameter are no longer passed byRef to sub routines Effect: Some variables don't change. Workaround: Declare each variable in a new line. Or Use last official TestTool SRC680m50 Not all test scripts are updated yet, to workaround this issue.


Issue 63620 testtool: comand snapshot only gets black pictures Effect: When making automated screenshots, some are black. Workaround: none Currently under evaluation to find a culprint.

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