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This page is archived for historical reasons only. It is no longer maintained and information may not be current.

75147 Server Timeout at .exists()

Issue 75147 testtool: respect .exists( time ) value over 'Server Timeout'

Effect: If the value for Server Timeout in the TestTool Settings is lower than the value in the .exist() command, an error comes up, telling you a Server Timeout happened.

This only happens, if the dialog, that is waited for, needs longer to come up, than the value of the Server Timeout is.

Workaround: The default of the Server Timeout is 45 seconds;

The test runner might change this to 3 minutes or the script writer uses something like this:

 Dim i as integer
 while (NOT .exists(10) AND i<10)
     i = i+1

64746 byRef

Issue 64746 parameter are no longer passed byRef to sub routines

Effect: Some variables don't change.

Workaround: Declare each variable in a new line.

Not all test scripts are updated yet, to workaround this issue.

63620 black snapshots

Issue 63620 testtool: comand snapshot only gets black pictures (Only seen on MacOS X)

Effect: When making automated screenshots, some are black.

Workaround: none

Currently under evaluation to find a culprint.


Complete list of open issues for the VCL TestTool application

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