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Toma de contacto con

1. What is

First of all, I should introduce a general concept about what is... OpenOffice is a package that includes some applications for working in the office and school world. What makes this project interesting is that everyone can program this applications because, as its name says, is an open source code what means that everyone can improve the functionalities that are already done in the package or create new ones. The OpenOffice package is composed by Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math and Writer.

2. Extension developer:

My current target in the project is Extension developer, what means I should improve the package with new functionalities or maybe improving old ones. For that, I have a tutor from México, I am from Canary Islands, Spain and the time difference is around 6 six hours what makes this practices a little bit more difficult. Also, the vocabulary that we use sometimes is different even if we speak spanish, I have noticed that we use the spanish in different ways but it isnt anything that we cant solve. We use IRC for communicate with each other and also the webmail. Majority I get the documentation from the Wiki where everything is explained with examples, it has a lot of information and sometimes I think it is too much because I have got lost when I tried to find something it has a lot of link and it makes me confuse. This is the link for the main page of the wiki: “

3. Getting Started in development world:

What do we need for starting a project? In my case, I am using Win7. My tutor said it would not be a problem as long I do not try to test any scripts, so I continued with Win7. I started trying java projects so I needed Netbeans software and also the package + OOo with SDK (Software Development Kit), I downloaded it on “ “. My first “big” problem was that I couldnt add the plugin to Netbeans, so I could not run it, after couple of days I discovered that the last version of Netbeans 7.0.1 did not work with the plugin, so I had to change to another older like Netbeans 6.8. After following the steps on the wiki Netbeans Integration (“ “). When I solved the problem I could make some examples in Java. But looks like I am not going to program Java, the target right now is to work in Python, something that for me its totally new so I guess I will take more time that it shoulds. I am knowing how Python works and I have tried to test some examples without using OOo and here is where I found the disadvantage of working on Windows because I cant testing as my tutor told me the first days.

Some errors

Well, now I will introduce some errors that I got and I could not fix:

After updating Ubuntu to Ubuntu 11.10 and OpenOffice 3.4:

1) Netbeans 7.0.1 & OOo Plugin: Following [1] It took me some days discovering the OpenOffice Plugin does not work on this new version...looks like it is not updated yet. When I try to install the plugin I get: [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\Error_Plugin2.0.7.png]]

2) Example, General UNO Component & Netbeans 6.9.1: Following [2] When I arrive to the step "Add Service/Interface" I should get some types....but I dont, as you can see in the picture [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\error- testComponent-netbeans6.9.1.png]]

3) Same Example, General UNO Component & Netbeans 6.8: Following [3]. With this version it works good until I press the Finish buttom, then I get: [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\Error-TestComponent- netbeans6.8.png]]. After I get this error, netbeans creates the project but when I try to "Deploy and Run Extension in" and I get another error: [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\Error2-TestComponent - netbeans6.8]]

Also, I have made the following examples [4], [5]and [6]. This ones work fine.

4)Running Ubuntu 11.10 and following [7], when I try to put this "openoffice -accept="socket,host=localhost,port=2002;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager" it doesnt work, so I try to find a alias by using TAB oo but I can not find it...then when I go to /opt/ooo-dev3/program/ and execute soffice an Libreoffice instance appears, so i dont know why it is happening I just want an openoffice instance. [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\LibreOffice.png]]

5)Solved:Running Win7 and Working with Python: Following [8] when I try to make this step ("set cursor"), I get this error [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\LucasWikiErrorSetCursor.png]] and I dont know how to solve it because I dont know how to program Python.

5.1)Solved In the same example after solving nº5, I can not make the step "Load Existing Document" maybe is the route but I have followed the instructions, this is the error that i get: [[File:D:\Openffice\magenesErrores\LucasWikiErrorLoadExistingDoc.png]].

6)Trying to run this code: On the website [9] When I try to run the code python says that "it can not import the module named, here is the picture: [[File:D:\OpenOffice\ImagenesErrores\ImportError.png]]

File Notation Errors


I have bracketed your "File:D:\" entries with "nowiki" tags, because the redlinks were showing up on the maintenance reports. To use "File:" notation, the file must be loaded onto the wiki. --TJ (Talk) 13:58, 5 January 2013 (UTC)

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