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Please stop deleting existing Wiki content when you are editing or adding new AR related content. I have had to fix several pages you've edited where you have removed valid links, or added/changed existing information. --ccornell 21:57, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

Nassern51: You added an InterWiki link on the Help:Translating page using the ISO Language code SA. This is the ISO Language code for Sanskrit, a language from India (see ). This change has been rolled back since you are working in Arabic, not Sanskrit.

If you intended to add the ISO language code for Arabic, that code is AR, and all Arabic pages should be prefixed by AR/<page_name>. If you are trying to narrow the language down to a specific region, Arabic spoken only in Saudi Arabia, then you should be using AR-SA (and this will have to be manually added to the InterWiki language table). If you are trying to be this specific with the language used and do want to work only in this specific Arabic language, please submit a request to have AR-SA added (here on your Discussion pageor in the OOo L10N or OOo Website mailing lists). --ccornell 08:41, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

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