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I have been using open office for many years now and have just run into a problem and it is bugging me. I have an Acer Aspire 7735Z laptop, I am using now, with windows vista and all updates. When I use open office word processor I am good for a while then a " marks change alternate ' ( Accent sign which seem to print on this page). If I use shifted 2 I get " not the @ sign. A shifted 6 gives me a ?. The keyboard on the computer has these symbols and more in a green color to be used for French I assume. In Thunderbird Email and and website mail like this I have no such problem. Question: Why only in this computer, this operating system ( Vista) and open office so far? At this time I am in touch with Acer to try to correct this problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Any Ideas? Added info Alt Car key does not work here.


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