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Edited OpenOffice NetBeans Integration | Download and Installation with the link to the Alpha plugin for NetBeans 7.1 and clarified some text.
Edited Documentation | DevGuide | (Installation Sets | JDK and Configuration | Prepare the IDE) for people with 64-bit machines that they must register a 32-bit JDK with NetBeans and configure any OpenOffice project to use that platform. I do not use Eclipse and so do not know how to edit the Eclipse related text.

Thanks for the help. Improvements like yours are greatly appreciated, documenting what you know.
While reviewing your First Contact change, I found and fixed a busted on-page link (not your problem). If you see things like that, feel free to fix them, or bring them to my attention. --TJ (Talk | Contribs) 20:36, 1 July 2012 (UTC)
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