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Given that the page is about options for collaboration between / Oracle and LibreOffice / DocumentFoundation this page is not misplaced at all. It is of major importance if anyone is concerned regarding the future of open source office suites. Please delete the flag "candidate for speedy deletion". Gerald

Then why do you feel the need to "sincerely apologize" on the Wiki page? --ccornell 09:20, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
I wrote "sincerely apologize", because I followed many of the discussions in the last weeks on several OOo mailing lists and also the IRC logs of the community council. These discussions indicate that one has to be very careful these days if one wants to write the words "LO" and "OOo" in the same sentence. I think that most of the very recent discussions are absolutely misleading and not beneficial for neither the users nor the developers (independently from the fact whether they are employed at Oracle or not). As an end user and "independent" observer, I see the points of both groups and I tried to stipulate a constructive discussion. But apparently (if you look at the edits of that linked wiki page), no one is interested in constructive discussions (or people just do not share my points). People more want to bark at each other. Well, that's a bit sad. In my opinion, the goal should be to deliver the best open source office suite which can take on MS Office in all aspects. The only winner from the current discussion will be Microsoft. It seems that Oracle has developers without much of a community and the DocumentFoundation has a community without many developers. I love to use OOo, but given the unclear future of it, I might consider KOffice and LyX/LateX for the further future. --Gerald 20:26, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
The original page was flagged for deletion by a regular Wiki user. I deleted it as an Admin in a pass through some of the pages in the delete category. Generally, and this is completely independent of any LibO vs. OOo thing, we try to keep the Wiki clear of any pages that do not really provide any useful OOo specific content. Pages must be properly categorized, and have (as much as possible) only OOo related content. The page you created doesn't really add anything useful other than a cross-link to an external Wiki (regardless of what specific Wiki is linked). I agree with the original delete request... not because of anything for, or against LibO, but simply because the page goes against several of the policies we're trying to implement on the Wiki. Additionally, adding content specific to other OOo versions is generally not allowed/done.
As you've noted there is a lot of barking going on right now. The page you've created only adds more stuff for people to bark about. I suggest that the parent page and this Talk page be flagged again for deletion. The content adds nothing truly useful to either OOo or LibO. --ccornell 21:35, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
It is now moved to my personal section of the wiki. --Gerald 09:40, 23 October 2010 (UTC)
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