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Loves Nike Free Run

I would love to order this Nike Free shoe. The shoes are very comfortable and well made. However there is no size option provided. Please provide that option so that I can order this shoe. Thanks and of course, with the eye catching color, I receive numerous compliments every time I wear them. Great looking shoe, and totally fits the bill for all kinds of exercise. Looks so amazing! The black/blue checker and Kente cloth patterns to commemorate Black History Month are beautiful accents to a very well designed shoe. The use of blacks and grays combined with the aircraft styling of the Huarache line make this a stealthy shoe with a sleek profile.

The colors are are cool looking in person. Yes, they do draw attention but once the workout starts no one is looking at your nike free run 2 shoes. I attempted to try them on and was stopped by the sockliner. After forcing my way through the limited stretch opening, I found my foot literally constricted by the inner liner. Also, it's a must have for any collector and anyone who loves Nike Free Run as it is an ingenious combination of both. It also incorporates the awesome Nike sensor slot.

I have been working out for about 3 years now and have used this casual shoes, the expensive reebok, and the Women Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott zigs. By far, these are the most versatile shoe on Out of the box the Nike Free Run 2 shoe is incredibly light and the Vibram sole construction is top notch. Despite being a minimal design, these feel sturdy and the attention to rugged construction is evident, which is typical of the Nike brand. They are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes he has owned to date.

The heel cup padding in particular is excellent, and even without socks there hasn't been any irritation. Performance wise, the vibram soles are terrific. Not too springy, and not too pliable, they provide a perfect balance between a barefoot feel and providing protection from sharp rocks and glass. The shoe feels awesome on the treadmill and on pavement, I ran 2 miles my first try and my calf's weren't killing me the next day.

I vividly remember my father wearing around his old Top-Siders when I was a kid and thinking I would never wear something so adult and boring. But this shoe online has plenty of room for your toes to stretch and the rest of the shoe fits nice and snogged. And they give great traction on grass and dirt without a large tread profile that defeats their purpose. These Nike Free Run 3 shoes have exceeded expectations and are easily the best pair of running shoes he has owned right out of the box. My brather would recommend anyone looking for a trail running minimal shoe to start here. Every other positive review posted is entirely accurate. These shoes are amazing. We do love it, the lovely shoes.

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