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Experimental Mock-Ups

Visualization Style 1


Message type1.png

Show All Mssages


TBD: Show navigation on focus only.
TBD: Show only a' Message' button like shown in 'Small' mock-up only?

Visualization Style 2b

Temporary messages without special context: General messages without special context. Message disappears automatically.


Alternatively those contextual information could be shown as type 1 message. In this case the message has a timer, so it will automatically disappear.

Visualisation Style 3 (Optional)

This type needs a kind of fixed office button/place where all these message will be shown. This type of message is more interruptive than type 1 and covers more user interface of OOo. But it could be useful if OOo task window is minimized (not sure about technical limitations).

Message type3.png

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