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Ufi is the very short name for Uwe Fischer. And that's me!

I'm working as a Senior Technical Writer at the main Office developer site in Hamburg, Germany.

I studied Psychology and Computer Science (then called Informatik) in Hamburg in the late 1970s. Then later made a small (very small) fortune utilizing the rise of home computing in Germany, established a hobby computer trading & software developing company together with three friends, also worked as freelance author and translator for several PC companies and PC magazines.

Started working in 1995 as a freelance writer for Star Division, the company that developed StarOffice, the software suite that should later evolve into In 1997 they asked me to become a permanent employee.

In 1998, Sun Microsystems acquired Star Division & me, while in 2010, we were acquired by Oracle. I continued to work as an author of application help and manuals, in a small team of other writers.

My email is either ufi at or uwe.fischer at

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