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Ufi is the very short name for Uwe Fischer. And that's me!

I'm working as a Senior Technical Writer at the main OOo/StarOffice developer site in Hamburg, Germany.

I studied Psychology and Computer Science (then called Informatik) in Hamburg in the late 1970s. Then later made a small (very small) fortune utilizing the rise of home computing in Germany, established a hobby computer trading & software developing company together with three friends, also worked as freelance author and translator for several PC companies and PC magazines.

Started working in 1995 as a writer for Star Division, the company that developed StarOffice, the software suite that should later evolve into In 1997 they asked me to become a permanent employee.

In 1998, Sun Microsystems acquired Star Division & me, and I continued to work as an author of application help and manuals, in a small team of other writers.

I really enjoy this work, together with all my collegues. In the first years, all of us would have worked here even without payment, and it is good that the bosses did not know that in those days. Now with Sun we are part of an international multi company, which has its pro and contra, offers new opportunities and challenges, but I'm confident that the old spirit is still alive here.

My email is either ufi at or ufi at

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