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Mail : thorstenziehm at openoffice.org
Mail : thorstenziehm at openoffice.org
[Category : Quality Assurance]
[[Category:Quality Assurance]]

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I am the manager of Quality Assurance team for StarOffice/OpenOffice.org by Sun Microsystems. I started as tester for StarOffice in 1996. After short time I was responsible to integrate VCL TestTool in general testing process and started with writing test scripts for all OOo application. The first team I lead was the Automated Testing team inside the Quality Assurance. Since 2002 I am the manager of the whole QA team.

The team is responsible for StarOffice and OpenOffice.org. The team of 20 people are part of the whole QA project on OOo. We want to bring our experiences into the whole project. One part is to bring knowledge, information, documentations and processes into the team. This is an ongoing progress and I hope we will find many experts in the great community.

Quality cannot be bring in by the Quality Assurance team. The quality of a product (here OpenOffice.org) is as good as the code brought in by the developers. The QA team can reduce the regressions, but they cannot find all of them. So we all have to live with restrictions, processes and rejections of features/changes to hold the quality or better to increase it.

Let the community grow to reach the goal to increase the quality and to be the famous office product of the word.

Please visit the QA sides on OOo : http://qa.openoffice.org/index.html

Mail : thorstenziehm at openoffice.org

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