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<span style="color:red">'''User Claire:'''</span> Click on your '''my talk''' link at the top of the page to get an explanation of the problem. You may also email me directly: [mailto:TJFrazier@openoffice.org]].--[[User:TJFrazier|TJ]] 06:17, 1 October 2009 (UTC)
== T. J. Frazier (TJFrazier, a.k.a. TJ, on OO.o) ==
== T. J. Frazier (TJFrazier, a.k.a. TJ, on OO.o) ==

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T. J. Frazier (TJFrazier, a.k.a. TJ, on OO.o)

  • Residence: Melbourne, Florida, USA.
  • Background: Retired systems programmer (40 years, Control Data, KRONOS o/s). Professional nit-picker :-)
  • Goal: become a developer (when I get broadband, Ubuntu, external hard disk, C++ textbook, . . . )
TJ 05:38, 29 January 2009 (UTC) Broadband scheduled Feb 2! Ubuntu to follow . . .
TJ 20:09, 18 February 2009 (UTC) Broadband is wonderful. Now examining Basic run-time source, for documentation purposes.
TJ 02:09, 31 July 2009 (UTC) Halfway thru big thick C++ book.
  • Current OO.o activities: proof-reading and light copy-editing, mostly on Basic Guide and DevGuide Basic-related pages. I also file a lot of minor issues (if it's there, it's supposed to work, right?)
    • Promoted to sysop, doing my homework re new accounts and wiki databases. 02:09, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
  • Lists: dev, dev-web, dev-doc, OOAuthors

Basic code for wikification

Basic code which may be useful for processing MediaWiki Export Filter output can be found on this subpage: User:TJFrazier/WikiBasic. Please report any problems to me, on any of the above lists, or on a Talk page, or directly: [1]].

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