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Comparison of color names

html-color-name rgb example StarMath grammar StarMath token enum solution
white #FFFFFF example white TWHITE COL_WHITE nothing to do
silver #C0C0C0 example -- -- COL_LIGHTGRAY to be add
gray #808080 example -- -- COL_GRAY to be add
black #000000 example black TBLACK COL_BLACK nothing to do
red #FF0000 example -- -- COL_LIGHTRED  ? conflict with StarMath "red"
maroon #800000 example red TRED COL_RED  ? rendering is "maroon", AOO file save is "red"
yellow #FFFF00 example yellow TYELLOW COL_YELLOW nothing to do
olive #808000 example -- -- COL_BROWN to be add
lime #00FF00 example -- -- COL_LIGHTGREEN to be add
green #008000 example green TGREEN COL_GREEN nothing to do
aqua #00FFFF example -- -- COL_LIGHTCYAN  ? conflict with StarMath "cyan"
teal #008080 example cyan TCYAN COL_CYAN  ? rendering is "teal", AOO file save is "cyan"
blue #0000FF example -- -- COL_LIGHTBLUE  ? conflict with StarMath "blue"
navy #000080 example blue TBLUE COL_BLUE  ? rendering is "navy", AOO file save is "blue"
fuchsia #FF00FF example -- -- COL_LIGHTMAGENTA  ? conflict with StarMath "magenta"
purple #800080 example magenta TMAGENTA COL_MAGENTA  ? rendering is "purple", AOO file save is "fuchsia"
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