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This is the development blog for the Release QA Tracking Tool. Note that dates here differ from the first tentative schedule as the project was approved later, but the schedule will be retained with minor adjustments.

Week 1

Aim: Get suggestions (ml/wiki) from people doing OOo 2.0.3 QA

I received a good amount of feedback in response to my announcement sent to the dev@qa mailing list on June 19.

The results are summarized in the Comments section.

Generally, feedback from the community was helpful: I received several suggestions for minor improvements that will be implemented, as well as warnings that will help in designing the tool the right way from the beginning.

Week 2-3

Aim 1/2: Basic setup

Thanks to Florian Effenberger and André Schnabel, who are providing excellent support, the infrastructure setup is proceeding well: we have a public Subversion repository and MySQL access already working.

Only the web space access is missing now.

Aim 2/2: See if common authentication is feasible

In short, it isn't. André contacted Stefan Taxhet who said that at the moment there is no official CEE (CollabNet Enterprise Edition) interface for authentication. The model we had in mind, i.e., EIS, uses an ugly hack we should either centralize or avoid according to Stefan.

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