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OpenOffice.org Developer's Guide

First Steps

First Steps
Programming with UNO
Fields of Application for UNO
Getting Started
Getting Started
Installation Sets
First Contact
How to Get Objects in OpenOffice.org
How to get Objects in OpenOffice.org
Working With Objects
Working with Objects
Objects, Interfaces, and Services
Using Services
Example: Working with a Spreadsheet Document
Common Types
Element Access
How Do I Know Which Type I Have?
How do I know Which Type I Have?
Example: Hello Text, Hello Table, Hello Shape
Common Mechanisms for Text, Tables and Drawings
Creating Text, Tables and Drawing Shapes
Professional UNO
API Concepts
API Concepts
Data Types
Simple Types
The Any Type
Predefined Values
Understanding the API Reference
Understanding the API Reference
UNO Concepts
UNO Concepts
UNO Interprocess Connections
Starting OpenOffice.org in Listening Mode
Importing a UNO Object
Characteristics of the Interprocess Bridge
Opening a Connection
Creating the Bridge
Closing a Connection
Example: A Connection Aware Client
Service Manager and Component Context
Service Manager
Component Context
Using UNO Interfaces
Collections and Containers
Event Model
Exception Handling
Lifetime of UNO objects
acquire() and release()
The XComponent Interface
Children of the XEventListener Interface
Weak Objects and References
Differences Between the Lifetime of C++ and Java Objects
Object Identity
UNO Language Bindings
UNO Language Bindings
Java Language Binding
Getting a Service Manager
Transparent Use of Office UNO Components
Handling Interfaces
Type Mappings
Mapping of Sequence Types
Mapping of Enum Types
Mapping of Struct Types
Mapping of Exception Types
Mapping of Interface Types
Mapping of UNOIDL
Mapping of Services
Mapping of Singletons
Inexact approximation of UNO Value Semantics
C++ Language Binding
Establishing Interprocess Connections
Transparent Use of Office UNO Components
Type Mappings
Mapping of Struct Types
Mapping of Interface Types
Mapping of Sequence Types
Mapping of Services
Mapping of Singletons
Using Weak References
Exception Handling in C++
OpenOffice.org Basic
Handling UNO Objects
Instantiating UNO Services
Getting Information about UNO Objects
Mapping of UNO and Basic Types
Mapping of Simple Types
Mapping of Sequences and Arrays
Mapping of Structs
Mapping of Enums and Constant Groups
Case Sensitivity
Exception Handling
Automation Bridge
The Service Manager Component
Using UNO from Automation
Calling Functions and Accessing Properties
Return Values
Usage of Types
Using Automation Objects from UNO
Type Mappings
Default Mappings
Mapping of Simple Types
Mapping of Hyper and Decimal
Mapping of String
Mapping of Interfaces and Structures
Mapping of Sequence
Mapping of Type
Conversion Mappings
Client-Side Conversions
Value Objects
Exceptions and Errorcodes
Automation Objects with UNO Interfaces
The Bridge Services
Unsupported COM Features
CLI Language Binding
Language Binding DLLs
Type Mapping
Type Name Decoration
Type Mappings
Additional Structures
Lifetime Management and Obtaining Interfaces
Writing Client Programs
The Override Problem
Important Interfaces and Implementations
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