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This is a first very experimental draft how a Release can be organised. This is only a paper of discussion. Please put all ideas and wishes to the discussion site.


Detailed schedule for 3.X

Date Description Comment
2009-07-18 UI and feature freeze
2009-08-05 translation handover Pootle must be updated with the all new strings
2009-08-26 code freeze
2009-09-06 translation delivery deadline Translation must be ready in Pootle
2009-09-10 l10n CWS builds must be available on a public server
2009-09-13 deadline for exceptional code fixes

(to be raised on releases@ooo or release status meeting)

2009-09-28 l10n TCM testing Finishing l10n testing
2009-09-28 last l10n bug fixes delivery
2009-10-10 last cws integration Branch the releasing version from the developing version
2009-10-14 first branch milestone => Beta Version in all languages available on extended mirror
2009-10-28 first RC available on extended mirror
2009-11-17 Features release available on extended mirror

There is the Meta issue 1XXXXX to track the potential stoppers for the release. If anyone would like to raise an issue for the release, please add the issue id of the issue you want to raise as dependent issue to the Meta Issue and drop a note on, that and why you want to declare that issue as a stopper for releases.

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