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* Book: 荘子、論語 (very old Chinese book)
* Book: 荘子、論語 (very old Chinese book)
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Latest revision as of 09:47, 30 March 2010

Full Name: Nakata Maho (中田真秀)
Family Name: Nakata (中田)
Given Name: Maho (真秀)
Occupation: Post Doctoral Fellow
Title: Dr.
Interested in: Quantum chemistry, theoretical chemistry, optimization
OOo alias: maho
Nationality: Japan
Mother tongue: Japanese (I love Japanese language!)
Blog: Maho's blog
e-mail: maho@openoffice.org
Photo: Maho nakata.jpg

What role in OOo project?

Interested in:

...so many :)

  • MacOSX build provider for QA purpose (only interested in vanilla builds)
    • See my spams on release@openoffice.org.
  • VCLTestTool

Personal matters:

  • Music : Piano music (Debussy, Ravel, Satie), Bach, Chopin and Japanese traditional Shamisen
  • Recipie: Sashimi (Japanese food) Kimuchi (Korean), BBQ, Yamaimo (Kind of Potato) Garlic toast.
  • Pet: I LOOOOVE cat...Most impressive cat was: three years before, a black cat come to my room almost every day. Her name is rin-chan. She was extremely cute cat I ever see.
  • Color: White and Yellow, Black.
  • Book: 荘子、論語 (very old Chinese book)
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