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About Me

I'm American, but I live in Germany.

<span style="font-weight: bold;" />OpenOffice and Me

I've been working on OOo in some capacity since the founding of the open source project. I started working at Sun in 1999. I'm on the User Experience team.


Fraom January 2001 up till the release of OOo 2.0 (StarOffice 8) I was the linguist in charge of all German and English UI text. As a member of the User Experience team, I reviewed the strings suggested in every feature specification and issue for terminological consistency, grammatical correctness and style as well as for usability. It was always my goal to produce international English that could be understood by everyone all over the world, native English speakers and non-native speakers. After previous years as a teacher and translator, I also wanted to make the English source text easy to localize and took great pains to educate everyone on the importance of consistent, concise, and unambiguous UI text. To this end, I wrote the UI Text Style Guide.


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