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* [[User:Kr/Software Continuum]]
* [[User:Kr/Software Continuum]]
* [[User:Kr/On Modularization]]
* [[User:Kr/On Modularization]]
* [[User:Kr/On_Streams]]
==Some Scripts==
==Some Scripts==

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Some Thoughts

Some Scripts

Building OOo

Unix and relatives

./conco -v Master=SRC680 -v CWS=unomacli64

# 'create' the unowinreg.dll
touch external/unowinreg/unowinreg.dll

# configure the office to be build
cd config_office

# Linux x86
./configure --disable-mozilla --without-nas 

# Linux x64 and Java 1.6
./configure --disable-mozilla --without-nas --with-system-hsqldb

# MacOSX 
./configure --disable-mozilla --without-nas --disable-gtk --disable-gnome-vfs --disable-headless

# Win32
 --with-cl-home="/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC"
 --with-frame-home="/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/SDK/v2.0" 
 --with-asm-home="/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC" 

cd ..

# set the environment
source <LinuxX86Env.Set>

# otherwise the smoketest does not work!
setenv PKGFORMAT rpm  

# build installation sets
cd instsetoo_native
build --all --dlv_switch -link -P10 -- -P10


My Efforts

Effort/Revise OOo Multi-Threading

Move Uno stuff into the Uno Wiki. See Uno/Effort/Migrate Documentation

  • Update udk.openoffice.org to reflect latest wiki changes.

Do a source code inventory

Some Links

Event Driven Programming

  • Some comments regarding Linux kevents etc.: http://lwn.net/Articles/225714/ Note: In my understanding the whole discussion is senseless, the way to go for awaiting events should certainly not be fd related, but should just use something as "sigwait" or similar. Please see also [Architecture/Proposal/Advanced_Threading-Architecture].



Error Handling





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