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CD と ドキュメント 

Product / Solution Name Short Description Costs / Charges Source / Vendor Known Contributions to by the Vendor Additional Resources Documentation Project Documentation, HOW-TOs Free unless printed See: credits page, signed JCA's CD/ROM Project CD's Almost for free (cost of media and shipping) & commercial See: credits page, signed JCA's
Oracle Open Office Supported multi-platform office solution commercial Oracle hosting costs, development, Conference sponsor [1] pro pro. Optimized for Russian users. Improved support for Cyrillic documents, a thesaurus and a dictionary Almost for free (cost of media and shipping) & support Infra-Resource L10n, Encyclopedia (wiki), Electronic Distribution by Russian CDN, Establishment of a national state standard based on ODF (the final stage of adoption).
RedOffice office solution for Windows and Linux to meet the requirements of Chinese market (CD's and manual) commercial Beijing Redflag CH2000 Co., Ldt. development, Conference sponsor
EuroOffice multi-platform office solution free (no charge) & commercial MultiRacio Ltd. development, Conference sponsor
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