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Other responsibilities:
Other responsibilities:
* Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Terminal Services
* Microsoft® Windows® Terminal Services
* Citrix(R) MetaFrame(R)/Presentation Server(R)
* Citrix® MetaFrame®/Presentation Server®
* ooQAReloaded project (OOo QA Website)
* ooQAReloaded project (OOo QA Website)
* Java, JavaScript, PyUno
* Java, JavaScript, PyUno

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Joerg Skottke (JSK aka Skotti) - Responsibilities:

QA Automation of the framework component which covers:

  • FileOpen/FileSave/Filters/OLE Names
  • Extras (Templates, Autotext, Labels, Styles)
  • Scripting Framework
  • Extensions
  • XML/Macro security
  • Tools/Options

Other responsibilities:

  • Microsoft® Windows® Terminal Services
  • Citrix® MetaFrame®/Presentation Server®
  • ooQAReloaded project (OOo QA Website)
  • Java, JavaScript, PyUno
  • Customer related tasks

Special interests

  • Emerging technologies, focus on new Linux developments and Office compatibility
  • OS/2 and eComStation and the currently emerging port of OOo 2.2
  • Linux distributions in general (always on the bleeding egde - Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware ...)

Private (sparetime, partly job-related) projects

  • C coding 4 fun - current project: BasTool, a swiss army knife to ease working with the Testtool environment without the need of a sophisticated database infrastructure and heavy weight Java applications (non public)
  • QA for OOo/2 the OpenOffice.org port for OS/2 and eComStation (for any questions please go to commTalk, a forum for computer users (mainly german))

Sparetime (not at all related to the job)

  • Aikido (A martial arts style that is very elegant and aims at not hurting the opponent)
  • Biking (Mountain Bikes are very useful in the lowlands of northern Germany)
  • Jogging
  • Drawing snails. Hey, everyone has a spleen, right? I'm just taking advantage of the circumstances - we've got whiteboards and an almost unlimited supply of whiteboard markers. The snail's name is Louisa. Louisa Gleitmeier. And while we're at it: Did you know that german snails are far better off than english/american ones? You know, german snails have a house, english snails only have a shell. That's luxury!

"Don Quixote invented a special sort of desparation. Doing QA is the fifth generation successor to this."

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