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Info [[Hyphenation]], and more recent [[Using_TeX_hyphenation_patterns_in_OpenOffice.org]].
Info [[Hyphenation]], and more recent [[Documentation/SL/Using_TeX_hyphenation_patterns_in_OpenOffice.org Using TeX patterns]].
== TeX patterns License ==
== TeX patterns License ==

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Info Hyphenation, and more recent Documentation/SL/Using_TeX_hyphenation_patterns_in_OpenOffice.org Using TeX patterns.

TeX patterns License

To integrate the patterns into the OpenOffice.org, they must be released under GNU LGPL v3 license.

The LPPL clearly says that you *can* relicense but you *must* either ship the original file with it or tell the people which file you based on *exactly*. (as written by Rene Engelhard on libreoffice-dev mailing list)

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