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Info [[Hyphenation]], and more recent [[Documentation/SL/Using_TeX_hyphenation_patterns_in_OpenOffice.org Using TeX patterns]].
Info [[Hyphenation]], and more recent [[Documentation/SL/Using_TeX_hyphenation_patterns_in_OpenOffice.org|Using TeX patterns]].
== TeX patterns License ==
== TeX patterns License ==

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Info Hyphenation, and more recent Using TeX patterns.

TeX patterns License

To integrate the patterns into the OpenOffice.org, they must be released under GNU LGPL v3 license.

The LPPL clearly says that you *can* relicense but you *must* either ship the original file with it or tell the people which file you based on *exactly*. (as written by Rene Engelhard on libreoffice-dev mailing list)

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