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I'll update this page if I find the time to do it

Just a few remarks:

real name: Bernhard Dippold
Bedipp 2008.jpg

Country: Austria
age: 43

full time profession: physician (anesthesiologist), MD

former second full time job (without financial profit): (mainly germanophone and art/marketing project)

paused in 2007 and 2008

- back since Feb. 2009 and (nearly) as active as before...

... more to come...

regarding copyright and using my contributions

Additionally to possibly different statements on a given wiki page, you may use my textual contributions to the terms of any (single or combination) of the following licenses:

  • Public Documentation License 1.0 or later (PDL)
  • Creative Common Attribution 3.0 license (CC-BY)
  • GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 or later (GNU FDL)
  • GNU Lesser General Public License 3 or later (GNU LGPL)

My graphical contributions are licensed only by the following license or by request:

  • GNU Lesser General Public License 3 or later (GNU LGPL)

BeDipp 21:01, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

personal sandbox

Logo proposal for 10th anniversary:


Design is just an adaption of Miguel Boto's work he presented to the community on the Branding mailing list to the font we're probably selecting as official accompanying font for the logo.

OOoCon logo proposal draft

This logo is not meant to be used for any OOoCon, but to show an alternative approach to

Logo OOo extended dummy graph.png

While Rosana embeds the original logo in a surrounding of additional graphical elements, I'd prefer a derived logo containing specific OOoCon elements in the logo itself:

OOoCon logo proposal.png

(skyline from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC by-sa and GFDL)

This approach could be repeated by other use-cases inside the project, like the logo with official positioner or sub-project logos:

Logo proposals with caption line.png

Ismaël Grammenidis mentioned another possibility on the branding mailing list:

  • Reduced whitespace at the bottom of the logo (he proposed the "e" height, Rosana thought of half the height of the "O")
  • A solid line below the logo
  • Additional text for projects, conference, extensions, documentation below this line.

Like in the examples above he wants that this area should become part of the logo. This is how it might look like:

Line OOo logo proposal.png

Personalized Stamps draft

Such stamps could be sold/give away at the OOoCon at Budapest.

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