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The Person

Part of The:

  • User Experience Community
  • Marketing Community
    • Art Project Community (only one I'm truly active on)
  • Education Community

Mailing Lists only of:

  • Website (Dev)


  • Updating, Adding to, Changing the Wiki (/Art side of things), ongoing project..
  • Seasonal Logos based off the original Logo
  • Series of App/Habitat Based Wallpapers
  • Anything someone would like me to try to attempt

The Art

"Birds in Space"
"Birds in Space" - No Bottom Right Logo
"OOo4Kids Logo" - Non Official

Other Media

Testing Image for My Reworking of the Main Page, but now only used for testing formatting..
My Proposal for a new reworking of the Art Project wiki pages.
My proposal for a Navbar for the Art Project wiki pages. This has been implemented and can be seen at most pages in the wiki/Art directory.

Artist Sandbox

Main Page Proposal

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