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Maven Bundles for Java Uno JARs

Maven 2 is a popular Java build tool that provides many useful features for building Java projects, including dependency management.

The Java Uno JAR files are available from the Maven Central Repository, so that projects that use Java Uno can fully benefit from Maven dependency management features.

The available JAR files, or artifacts, are

To include those Java/Uno libraries into your project managed by Maven you'll typically declare the following dependencies in your pom.xml:


Bundle Contents

The Maven repository requires a bundle jar that includes a compiled jar. source jar, javadoc jar, and a pom xml file. Each bundle ex. juh-4.1.2-bundle.jar will contain the following files

  • juh-4.1.2.jar - contains compiles classes
  • juh-4.1.2-sources.jar - contains java source files
  • juh-4.1.2-javadoc.jar - contains javadoc html files
  • juh-4.1.2.pom - contains the XML descriptor

In addition each file will have an accompanying external signature file ex. juh-4.1.2.jar.asc signature file created during the PGP signing process.

Bundle Creation Procedure

This procedure documents a manual process until a more automated one can be implemented.

Copy Source Files

Copy source files from the subversion release tag to a local temp directory <source-temp-dir>

From <source-temp-dir>
svn co juh
svn co jurt
svn co ridl
svn co officebean

Create Javadocs

From <javadoc-temp-dir>
javadoc -d ./juh -sourcepath <source-temp-dir>/juh -subpackages com
javadoc -d ./jurt -sourcepath <source-temp-dir>/jurt -subpackages com
javadoc -d ./ridljar -sourcepath <source-temp-dir>/ridl -subpackages com
javadoc -d ./bean -sourcepath <source-temp-dir>/officebean -subpackages com

Create Javadoc Jars

this jar command will change into each directory and run jar
From <javadoc-temp-dir>
jar cvfM juh-4.1.2-javadoc.jar -C ./juh .
jar cvfM jurt-4.1.2-javadoc.jar -C ./jurt .
jar cvfM ridl-4.1.2-javadoc.jar -C ./ridljar .
jar cvfM officebean-4.1.2-javadoc.jar -C ./bean .

Move jar into a <target> directory
mv *.jar <target>

Create Source Jars

Change to target directory and create source jars in target dir
jar cvfM juh-4.1.2-sources.jar -C <source-temp-dir>/juh com
jar cvfM jurt-4.1.2-sources.jar -C <source-temp-dir>/jurt com
jar cvfM ridl-4.1.2-sources.jar -C <source-temp-dir>/ridl com
jar cvfM officebean-4.1.2-sources.jar -C <source-temp-dir>/officebean com

Add META-INF Directory and Files

Create a META-INF directory and place three text files within.

  • LICENSE - contains the Apache 2.0 license
  • NOTICE - contains the copyright notice
  • README - contains an explanation of the missing source and javadoc files in ridl and unoil source and javadoc jars. The contents are different between the two as described below.

Create Empty Unoil Source and Javadoc Jars

The Maven Repository requires a sources and javadoc jar even if they are empty. We need to include a README file to explain this. The contents of the README file for unoil should contain:
No Java source files or Javadocs exist for the UNO Interface Library.
unoil.jar is built from class files generated from IDL files during a complete build of Apache OpenOffice.
The IDL documentation can be found here:

Create the empty jar files from <target> directory

Update Jars With License and Notice Files

Replace text in README file for Ridl:
Not all Java source files or Javadocs exist for the Runtime Interface Definition Library.
ridl.jar is built from a combination of Java source files and class files
generated from IDL files during a complete build of Apache OpenOffice.
The IDL documentation can be found here:
Available Java sources and generated Javadocs are included in their respective jars.

From <target> dir add LICENSE and NOTICE files from (and to) META-INF dir in remaining jar files
jar uf juh-4.1.2-sources.jar META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/LICENSE
jar uf juh-4.1.2-javadoc.jar META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/LICENSE
jar uf jurt-4.1.2-sources.jar META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/LICENSE
jar uf jurt-4.1.2-javadoc.jar META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/LICENSE
jar uf officebean-4.1.2-sources.jar META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/LICENSE
jar uf officebean-4.1.2-javadoc.jar META-INF/NOTICE META-INF/LICENSE
Note: Unoil sources and javadoc have already been added.

Create POM Files

A guide can be found at and the files can be found here
Name the pom files the same as the classes jar except extention ex. juh-4.1.2.pom

PGP Sign Files

Sign all the files in <target> directory. For each file:
gpg -ab <filename>

Create Maven Bundles

Create each bundle:
jar -cvf juh-4.1.2-bundle.jar juh*.* jar -cvf jurt-4.1.2-bundle.jar jurt*.* jar -cvf officebean-4.1.2-bundle.jar officebean*.* jar -cvf ridl-4.1.2-bundle.jar ridl*.* jar -cvf unoil-4.1.2-bundle.jar unoil*.*

Upload Procedure

The following information describes how to upload new versions of the JARs to the Maven repository; if you just want to use the JARs you don't need to read it.

The upload procedure is detailed in Guide to uploading artifacts to The Central Repository. New bundles would be created and uploaded at each stable release.

Each artifact (JAR file) needs to be packaged into a bundle that also includes an XML file (pom.xml) containing information about the artifact, including name, description, version, license, and dependencies.

Some of the values provided in the XML description files are provided below. A complete example can be found in the Maven Repository address listed above.

Element Value
Common to all artifacts
groupId org.openoffice
version the OOo version that shipped this JAR, e.g.: 4.1.2
license name The Apache License, Version 2.0
license url
scm url
scm connection
Artifact: juh
artifactId juh
name "javaunohelper" module
description Various tools and adapters for Java Uno.
scm url
scm connection
dependencies jurt, ridl
Artifact: jurt
artifactId jurt
name "jurt" module
description JURT stands for "Java Uno Runtime". The JURT module basically implements Java Uno.
scm url
scm connection
dependencies ridl
Artifact: ridl
artifactId ridl
name "ridl" module
description The "ridljar" module implements the base types for the Java Uno typesystem, as well as a types access library.
scm url
scm connection
dependencies -
Artifact: unoil
artifactId unoil
name "unoil" module
description Java class files generated from the IDL Files to create the Java UNO Interface.
scm url
scm connection
dependencies ridl
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