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Maven Bundles for Java Uno JARs

Maven 2 is a popular Java build tool that provides many useful features for building Java projects, including dependency management.

The Java Uno JAR files are available from the Maven Central Repository, so that projects that use Java Uno can fully benefit from Maven dependency management features.

The available JAR files, or artifacts, are

  • juh.jar
  • jurt.jar
  • ridl.jar
  • unoil.jar

To include those Java/Uno libraries into your project managed by Maven you'll typically declare the following dependencies in your pom.xml:


Upload Procedure

The following information describes how to upload new versions of the JARs to the Maven repository; if you just want to use the JARs you don't need to read it.

The upload procedure is detailed in Guide to uploading artifacts to The Central Repository. New bundles would be created and uploaded at each OpenOffice.org stable release.

Each artifact (JAR file) needs to be packaged into a bundle that also includes an XML file (pom.xml) containing information about the artifact, including name, description, version, license, and dependencies.

The values provided in the XML description files are

Element Value
Common to all artifacts
groupId org.openoffice
version the OOo version that shipped this JAR, e.g.: 2.1.0
url http://udk.openoffice.org
license name GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1
license url http://www.openoffice.org/licenses/lgpl_license.html
scm url http://udk.openoffice.org/source/browse/api/
scm connection scm:cvs:pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.services.openoffice.org:/cvs
Artifact: juh
artifactId juh
name OpenOffice.org "javaunohelper" module
description Various tools and adapters for Java Uno.
dependencies jurt, ridl
Artifact: jurt
artifactId jurt
name OpenOffice.org "jurt" module
description JURT stands for "Java Uno Runtime". The JURT module basically implements Java Uno.
dependencies ridl
Artifact: ridl
artifactId ridl
name OpenOffice.org "ridl" module
description The "ridljar" module implements the base types for the Java Uno typesystem, as well as a types access library.
dependencies -
Artifact: unoil
artifactId unoil
name OpenOffice.org "unoil" module
description Java class files generated from the IDL Files to create the Java UNO Interface.
dependencies ridl
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