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Visual Improvements

  • small grey line (1 pixel) below the header
  • home page: headline typo looks too heavy -> size: smaller, Color: dark blue (like text at header bar)
  • navigation boxes: use light blue bitmaps instead of light grey bitmaps
  • the bottom part of the "Update your template"box is missing
  • the left hand side part of the "tag"box is missing
  • show tags at template box (detail view)
  • allow editing tags at template box (detail view)
  • icon/tell a friend alignment middle
  • icon/report abuse here alignment middle
  • sometimes wrong alignment of template preview (left instead of right)
  • Style of comment box: Please use [ttp://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_TemplateSite.html#boxes "Light Box-"style], too.
  • Improve feedback "Thank You" for template upload
  • icon for comments: (add) comment, new comment

Interaction Improvements

  • Show average (votes) at template submissions list
  • Select the licencse: have to be easier! (pre selection, radiobutton, ...)
  • My Account: Link to the comments (of comment on template)


  • think about behavior of "all" languages
  • allow author and admin to change the language


  • smaller size of fonts
  • use "bold" and "normal" text style
  • uniform spelling: do not use "tags" AND "keywords" in the same context
  • show the tags (keywords) by upload
  • allow the change, add and/or remove tags
  • allow seperation by ";"
  • auto completion of tags to avoid so many similar words
  • auto correction of spelling


  • search by tags
  • search by author
  • search by date (latest, 1-3 days, 1-3 weeks, 1-3 months, etc.)
  • propose similar existing words
  • auto seach: save search request and provide the results at "MyFavorites"

Most Wanted

  • provide a new area "MostWanted" to animate people to create new templates from user seach results
  • sort by date
  • sort by language
  • collect spelling mistakes in one word
  • allow clustering of words (by tags?) but save the original word
  • provide "Most Wanted" online, specially for authors

My Favorites

First design proposal for MFT (My Favorite Templates)

  • favor a template
  • create own tags for templates
  • collection folder(s)
  • save, send or zip my collection(s)
  • favor an author
  • show my search results (e.g. latest templates with tag xy and yxx)
  • for authors: see how many users love my templates
  • for authors: see who users love my templates
  • for authors: most wanted templates (e.g. of the week)


Interaction Improvements

  • remove "download" at the haeder bar
  • "tell a friend" link is broken
  • show how many votes for a template
  • Remove "Node" at template submissions list
  • Remove "Recent Hits" at template submissions list
  • Change "Type" to "Application Type" at template submissions list or remove it


  • smaller size of fonts

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