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Configuration Management

Use of vc tool on the new server or use of existing vc repository on an existing server?
Development environment:

  1. Where ( for example, should we keep a separate directory structure, database on the server for one dev/testing implementation.
  2. Steps to move from the dev / test implementation to the live implementation
  • What should be checked in to vc system
  • Any backup steps that should be taken first
  • Notifications to users

What about moving things from the a local PC to the site testing implementation?

There is also a cross over responsibility here within the disaster recovery plan - not sure which needs the section. I think there.

Drew 00:14, 10 September 2007 (CEST)I would vote for doing our own on the new server.

TerryE 02:38, 15 September 2007 (CEST) -- Configuration management of a COTS based configuration is slightly complicated in that the live build is a blend of a package at a given version which is a single CI; its deployment script which is another CI and the individual patches and their deployment scripts (which in the case of a patch, the easiest way to implement this is as a bundled script so there is only the patch which is a say a tarball with a mandatory install.sh element), so the each individual patch is a CI. Even so we still get into impact analysis PCMs and regression testing if we need up the base package version. We should also use a basic ITIL compliant administration model here.

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