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Help files that are too long cause annoying scrolling efforts. Most of the help files that are too long can be split easily. But here are some that are really difficult to split and we need some ideas for how to make this more user-friendly.


  • Mobile Device Filters for Pocket Device Appliances (index entry: mobile devices filters)
  • Scripting OpenOffice (index entry: scripting in programming)
  • Starting the OpenOffice Software with Parameters (index entry: start parameters)


  • Using Shortcut Keys in OpenOffice Impress (index entry: accessiblity;OpenOffice Impress)
  • Editing Curves (index entry: curves;editing)


  • Programming Examples for Controls in the Dialog Editor (index entry: programming examples for controls)
  • Translation of Controls in the Dialog Editor (index entry: translating dialogs)

All applications The main pages for all applications, that open when you select an application in the Help window, are longer than one screen page.

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