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Welcome to the OpenOffice.org Tinderbox page!

This Tinderbox Wiki page is designed to be used to inform about the OpenOffice.org tinderbox and coordinate ideas and resources about the further development of the tinderbox. See also: Buildbot and the successor called Termite.

A Wiki is a type of website that anybody can edit but radical changes should be discussed on the tinderbox mailing list first.

What is a Tinderbox

A tinderbox allows developers to test their CWSs (Childworkspaces) on several architectures without the need of having access to all those architectures.

Setting up tinderbox builds with the standard toolchain and maybe the newest toolchain for all of the main platforms (x86 Linux, Solaris Sparc, and Windows) and allowing volunteer developers to see the build error logs and progress will finally make developers less afraid to commit anything (fixes or advancements) for fear of breaking something for other platforms.

In essence a tinderbox is a perl script that processes mail, and turns it into HTML. It expects to be mailed build logs from separate and de-coupled build machines. Tinderbox has a few elaborations over the most simple 'status' web-page, inasmuch that it integrates with bonsai - to correlate builds against commits, and it has some nice built in error-parsers to allow huge build logs to be condensed to just a few (possible) tricky sections.

Our tinderbox uses the Tinderbox 2 from the mozilla project plus some small cosmetic changes. Additional documentation can be found there.

Last Tinderbox results

Click the result overview link to get the latest build results, or check the tinderbox link to get a list of the currently open tinderbox trees (CWSs and MWSs).

Set up a Tinderbox client

Follow the Tinderbox_Setup link to get information how to set up a tinderbox client.

Expected (New) Tinderbox Clients

  • Windows - Volker
  • Suse 10 - Tor
  • Red Hat - Fridrich
  • Debian - OSUOSL/
  • OpenSuse - OSUOSL/

Tinderbox mailing list

Topics related to the tinderbox should be discussed on the tinderbox@tools.openoffice.org mailing list (Send a completely blank e-mail to tinderbox-subscribe@tools.openoffice.org address to subscribe).

OpenOffice Tinderbox ToDo list

  • Improve this page
  • Create tools.openoffice.org/tinderbox.html linking to this page
  • Discuss/create framework to allow developers to request tinderbox builds for their CWSs
  • Advertise the tinderbox and attract more tinderbox clients
  • Define specifications which configure parameters have to be used, which languages should be enabled, etc.
  • Provide a means to upload installation sets from a tinderbox build to a place that allows QA of these builds. See issue 38096.
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