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For generating a valid template please consider the following points:
  1. One template may be connected to just one language.
  2. All strings in the following described fields have to be in that language.
  3. Enter some content at OpenOffice.org -> File -> Properties... -> Tabpage 'Description'
        1. Title: Enter the title for your template.
        2. Subject: Enter a short description about your template.
        3. Keywords: Here you enter the keyword(s), which will be visible as tag(s) on the Template Repository site.
           Keywords need to be separated by comma.
        4. Comment: Here you can enter the provider name for the template. 
  4. Enter some content at OpenOffice.org -> File -> Properties... -> Tabpage 'User Defined'
        1. Via the button 'Info fields...' rename an info field by entering the word 'License'.
           For the field 'License' on the tabpage 'User Defined' enter a html anchor link or just text.
           Example: <a href="http://www.openoffice.org/licenses/BSD.pdf">BSD</a>
           The result of this entries will be visible as
           License: BSD
           showing the link you have entered by mouse over the word BSD.
Now save your template as template and upload it. 





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