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How to proceed

  • Translate a few strings in pootle: http://pootle.sunvirtuallab.com/projects/extension_web/
    • These are the customized strings for the template site, the general strings are taken from drupal translation: http://drupal.org/project/Translations or http://drupal.org/project/l10n_server
    • Do not translate words that start with %, @ or !. These are variables that get substituted with dynamic text content.
      • There are 3 kinds of placeholder:
        •  %placeholder: The string goes through theme_placeholder() for special formating. Additional through check_plain() to prevent cross-side scripting.
        • @placeholder: The string goes through check_plain() to prevent cross-side scripting.
        •  !placeholder: The string is taken 'as is'.
        • Take care to use the same placeholder as in the english source! Otherwise it might end in not shown text.
  • When finished with translation in pootle, log in one time with your OpenOffice.org account to http://templates.services.openoffice.org/user/login
    • This is to create an account on the website
  • Now it is time to write an issue to tbo@openoffice.org
    • write down your OOo username and the language, and choose a title like: 'Template site translation request for language xx'
    • TBO will take the translation from pootle and the general drupal translation for the language.
    • Two pages on the site will get created with initial english content, with edit access for the mentioned OOo user.
    • When finished, you will get the issue back, with 2 urls which you need to translate on the site.
    • You will also get an url to a wiki page, that needs also get translated.
  • Now you should be able to upload templates in your language.
  • If everything is ok, close the issue.


for every language a own page will be created in drupal with alias like it/template/guide via the translation page function
Wait for the existance of the following page in your language and edit the content on your own:
    • provide link to a translated wiki page of:
Do not translate the fieldname 'License'!
en: Templates/website/guide
Wait for the existance of the following page in your language and edit the content on your own:
Do not translate the fieldname 'License'!
Is not final, do not translate


Please login on templates.services.openoffice.org with your OOo username, so the username is registred on the site, and i can assign the pages to edit.

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