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Brief schedule

Tasks needed now

  • decide to use drupal 6, or 5.7: 5.x
  • decide if UI is needed for submission: prefered is to just upload the template and take all data from the template meta data and account settings
  • upload of several templates in one zip file
  • decide how to recognize an existing template, and mark as updated; automated, or just manual update of selected template?: manual update of selected template
  • make seperate drupal module
  • disalow to refuse contact via e-mail (e-mail will be hidden via contact formular)
  • enable different content types for the module, like extensions, templates, ....
  • info about minimal OOo version needed: taken from mimetype of template
  • info about language of template - taken from document character property; how to recognize same template across different languages?: not needed and not possible without an unique id inside the template
  • counter: downloads per week are displayed; download total is recorded, but not shown; history per week is kept for one year, but currently not shown.
  • generic tracking module for code like google analytics
  • define categories like in OOo template manager

Tasks later

  • use openofice.org login
  • migrate extension site to new modules
  • migrate from extensions login to OOo login
  • enable 'friends of user' to be able to name another account to do same task for submitted content
  • use StarOffice Server for generating a screenshot of the template

Tasks optional

  • breadcrumb/top natigation path like in NetBeans wiki

State of the project

  • decision towards drupal 5, because version 6 lacks still some modules
    • 5.9 is installed
  • evaluated to use OOo login: works with soap at tools.services.openoffice.org/soap/servlet/rpcrouter, iBISService, isAccountValid
  • asked for webserver at osuosl 07.07.2008;
  • taking meta data from template: Templates/website/submission
  • TODO: provide module for uploading one template 90% done
  • TODO: provide a new content module for drupal: template 90% done
  • TODO: general configuration of drupal on webserver and installing drupal modules 90% done
  • TODO: Wk 35, configure menu/layout of drupal for the template site 20% done
  • TODO: Wk 36, provide nice theming on the site 0% done
  • TODO: Upload of a zip file containing several templates
  • TODO: Handling and displaying of tags for other languages than 'en'
  • TODO: generating of previews with StarOffice PDF converter
  • TODO: enable virus checking
  • TODO: enable caching
  • TODO: send copy of comments to template owner
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