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Template Repository ToDo List

Open ToDo's

  • OPEN: clarify with Rafaella whether the current framework of the repository can be translated in the usual way (AI: tbo)
  • NEW: publish informations for "manual localization" so people can start to localize if they want to start right now (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: the item "Tell a friend" has not function yet
  • OPEN: Breadscrumbs (Navigationpath) not implemented yet, below the banner of the page users should see the navigation path they are currently in, for example something like "Home >> Education >> ..." (AI: tbo)


  • OPEN: edit of already submitted Templates (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: comments on Templates should be send via email to the submitter of the corresponding Template, this is turned on by default, the Template submitter should be able to turn this off in the options of his settings (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: current use of "Author" should be enhanced, instead of just the user login, for example "va", we might want to see here "Sun Microsystems Inc." or the full name like "Volker Ahrendt" (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: enable update of published templates (AI: tbo)
  • NEW: insert a link to the Template Repository into the so called "Thank you Page" of the online update (http://update.services.openoffice.org/ooo/index.html) and registration process.
  • NEW: exchange "Get more Templates" url within the Office to adapt the direct link instead of the redirect (AI: md)
    The url change has been filed as Issue 98280 and is part of CWS
  • NEW: In the detail view of a template the title is a link, which does not make sense, the link should be removed. (AI: tbo)


  • OPEN: the number of votes is not being shown at the star rating (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: the informations behind "Contact Us" should be replaced by a link to a Forum instead of the extensions mailing list (AI: md)
  • OPEN: we will try to keep the search string to be displayed in the search box on the left after executing the search (AI: tbo)
  • OPEN: an advanced search we will offer via the body window, for example to sort/filter results by author, rating, language (AI: tbo)
  • NEW: adjust the frame at comments section to show rounded borders (AI: tbo/stella)
  • NEW: work out details regarding "my favorites" feature for templates
    stella already created some drafts you can see at http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_TemplateSite.html#favorites
  • NEW: the buttons "Business", "Education" and "Private" on the main page can't by clicked, only the text itself, this should be changed (AI: tbo)
  • NEW: On the pages, where "Highest Rated", "Most Popular" and "Most Recent" are the titles, currently these categories appear with black font color. Their font color should be adjusted to the same blue value, which is used on the main page. This will help provide a consistent visual appearance. And: Currently is says "Highest rated" instead of "Highest Rated", as it is a title. (AI: tbo)
  • NEW: On pages, where the templates are listed, they currently appear with a shadow. Let us remove the shadows of this boxes. (AI: stella)
  • NEW: On the pages, where "Highest Rated", "Most Popular" and "Most Recent" are the titles, let us remove the borders around these titles completely. They don't help organize the content. (AI: tbo)


  • OPEN: support upload of .zip archive files which contain several templates
  • OPEN: generate preview images with StarOffice PDF converter


  • create / enable process to support localization of templates
  • work out details for support of generic templates (templates without language specific content)

Completed / Closed ToDo's:

  • installation / activation of antivirus scanner is in progress, should be done within one day (AI: tbo)
  • captchas for writing comments have been activated
  • Site Catalyst codes have been introduced
  • Question: Can we have / generate a HeatMap within Omniture?
    Answer: No, there is something nearly similar. We can look at so called "next page reports" to find out details of page use.
  • upload of Templates is possible now
  • deleting Templates is possible, too
  • currently deleting is possible for everybody whos logged in, even he he/she did not submit corresponding Templates (AI: tbo)
  • from now on the selected UI language is now taken into account when filtering the content listing
  • Users can now see an overview of their uploaded Templates
  • preview screens of impress / landscape items are not displayed in overview (AI: tbo)
  • during submition of Templates, the Category and Subcategory should be presented in two list boxes instead of only one (AI: tbo)
  • the main Template page will be adjusted according to Bettina's latest Mock Up
    (http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Templates_online_features), in detail this mean:
    • the three topics "Business", "Education" and "Private" will be put below each other according to the Mock up
    • the buttons of those three entries will become the light blue color as todays items "Highest Rated" has for exmaple
    • the image preview right to the categorys will change from time to time and comes from the highest rated templates
    • next to it on the right, a general marketing text from Kay Koll will be displayed
    • below these items we will have the headlines "Highest Rated", "Most Popular" and "Most Recent" (in this order), those items will be text only, no buttons and not clickable
    • the list of templates below each category will receive one singe frame border per category, so at the end we will see three frames
    • within the frames the Templates will be listed, in front of them we will display the corresponding document icon as today, the text will be shortened and ends with "..." to have a fixed with for each row ** at the end of each row a "More..." link will be shown
    • the corners of the frames will all be rounded
    • the search box will stay in the left area
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