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|Previous Section = Previous Section
|Previous Section = Vorige deel
|Next Section = Next Section
|Next Section = Volgende deel
|Previous Page = Previous Page
|Previous Page = Vorige pagina
|Next Page = Next Page
|Next Page = Volgende pagina

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Translate MasterTOC phrases into English (en).

Help for Translators

This auxiliary template is used by template MasterTOC if it is called with Lang=en, or called without the Lang parameter.

Translators should create a similar template named TOC_XX, where XX is the ISO language code (case-sensitive!) which you will be using in your template calls. To create your template, you may copy the following line:


into any page which you are editing (probably this page), and change the XX to your ISO code. Then click Show preview, and you will see a redlink to the new template page. It is not necessary to save the current page, to use the link. Just open it in a new browser window or tab.

The following instructions will make sense when you edit this page:

  • Copy the top part of this page, including the Category lines, into your new page.
  • Replace the right-hand copy of the four phrases with your translations. Use whatever alphabets or diacritics you need. Notice that you do not need quotation marks around the phrases.
  • Add a closing </noinclude>, save your new page, and you're done. (Remember to Cancel the edit of this page!)
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