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The state wiki require some maintenance and an urgent upgrade. This page documents what needs to be done, and what should be done. There is a thread on dev (Wiki maintenance) where the decisions are made.

At the moment we have the following work list:

  • Change LocalSettings.php to close for "create user" DONE
  • Update UA- code for google-analyics DONE
  • open for "create page" again DONE
  • Check "nofollow" setting, to be sure it's on (True).
  • remove accounts older than a year WITHOUT any contributions
 Scripts is being prepared, about 24.000 accounts out of 32.000 will be removed.
  • remove all accounts from the time of the spam period
 Scripts are being prepared, but wait for a decision on the time period (see dev)
  • create directory in SVN and save all new changes to files.
  • open for create user
    • Decide on anti-spam measures for current MW version, install and set them, then open for create user.
  • Clean database, for "deleted" pages, unused files.
  • repair "broken redirect", "double redirect", "non categorized pages"
  • Convert all pages to UTF8 (mysql),
 most pages are defined as latin1, but some have UTF8 content, this will not work after an update.
  • request (via JIRA) a new VM for
 test simple alias first
  • make a, new db and new mediawiki version.
  • upgrade test db.
  • make all extensions work in test
  • have people testing test
  • Copy production db, and upgrade it
  • copy test to production.
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